quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2008

Maltreat to Animals

Maltreat to animals

In a society of the XXI century still exists this scourge of ill animals. Everyone talks about domestic violence, which is certainly a serious problem, but everyone forget the violence that animals suffer on a daily basis around the world. This is because the animals have no way to show us that are suffering, and also because of the retrograde thinking that animals are inferior to humans. Fortunately we are increasingly less to think so, but believe that there are still some minds backward.

It is certainly a pity those parents who give animals their young children. We have pity to see that child who "play" with an animal thinks that he is "playing" with a toy inanimate or did not feel anything. Should be adopted animals, but never without to make sure we can make the whole love and affection that an animal deserves. We must never succumb to temptation of having a pet just because they are funny.
An animal deserves respect both of us, human beings, as another human being. There is a difference between human beings and animals: the rationality. The animals do not think and do not measure their actions, act by instinct. But now I have a question, it is our duty as rational animals have the intelligence to respect the other animals? From protect them?

Just by being rational animals should consider our actions towards others, be they want to humans or animals. How to respect our parents and family, we must respect our pets because they often become friends for life, friends in whom we can trust and we know that never in will betray. Seeing pictures or videos of ill animals wonder to me even if all human beings are rational.
Also we should never forget wild animals, which at this very moment are suffering in the skin the consequences of global warming, the destruction of habitats, the disappearance of food and experiments in the laboratory, which in my opinion, are the most strange to understand. Animals do not react the same way as the human being, why not use them in experiments, we know these experiences will not result in anything.
There are scientists who say that a human being can maltreat animals because it has any mental problem, but in my opinion, insensitivity of the human being that leads to horrors with the animals.

Lauriane Batista